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5 Most Expensive Items In OSRS This 2021

Sep 27

The growing world of OSRS has a massive trading aspect to it, and for many people, this is one of the main draws. The game also offers an opportunity that other games do not: getting your hands on some rare items without paying in gold or real currency!

Some players will want these expensive loots so they can sell them off at their leisure while others are looking just as much for challenging content like boss fights with high drop rates.

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Most Expensive OSRS Items In The Grand Exchange

There are a huge variety of items available for trading in the game’s Grand Exchange. For those who may be unfamiliar, this system is where players can buy and sell items they find while playing the game.

The OSRS Grand Exchange has eight trading slots for RuneScape members, and three trading slots for those playing the free OSRS version.

The five most expensive items in OSRS are:

  • Twisted Bow - 1.08 Billion OSRS GP
  • Elysian Spirit Shield - 850 Million OSRS GP
  • Elysian Sigil - 840 Million OSRS GP
  • Scythe of Vitur - 750 Million OSRS GP
  • 3rd Age Bow - 540 Million OSRS GP

How To Get These OSRS Items

You don’t need to spend millions of gold in order to get the most expensive items on Old School RuneScape, you just have to look for a way. If you are lucky enough or skilled enough with Elite and Master Treasure Trails and get yourself the 3rd Age Bow that can be obtained without paying over 500M gp!

The Scythe of Vitur can also be obtained without having to fork over a whole bunch of gold. You just need the Theatre in Blood, which is found underneath Ver Sinhaza castle and then all that's left for you do grab this prestigious blade if you are lucky enough to get it as a drop.

You can purchase the Spirit Shield for 1B gp, but if that’s not an option there is another way to get one. The Corporal Beast drops this shield and other gear at random so keep your eyes on them.

The Elysian Spirit Shield is not only a sought-after shield for those who want to be the best but also one of the most expensive. The reason? This powerful piece comes with such high stats and costs about 1B gp! To get this shield, you need to acquire the Elysian Sigil and Blessed Spirit Shield to craft this expensive OSRS item.

The most powerful bow in the game is called The Twisted Bow. It's expensive because it doesn't work as a normal weapon and instead has an adjustable damage output depending on whom you're fighting.

Don't let the price tag fool you, this bow will be worth your time in battle. The Twisted Bow is a rare item that can be obtained by completing the Chambers of Xeric which offers only 2% odds at getting it as a drop.