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Which platform to trade with?

Feb 18

I want to start trading, but I'm unsure about which platform to use.

You can consult a wide range of software programs about online trading, or what is now known as "trading," but not all of them provide the same benefits, or simply a wide range can end up confusing you or even making you get lost on the way.

One of the most popular and well-known apps out there is 365Investings, and for good reason. This web trading tool makes it incredibly simple to gain access to international CFD markets. It is the best choice for people who want to take advantage of this broker's good trading conditions because it gives real-time updates and lets you trade hundreds of assets with just one click.

You can trade CFDs with 365Investings on a variety of assets, including currencies, indices, commodities, shares, and others. You can quickly begin trading thanks to the platform's simplicity of use. You can also get the most out of your trading money because their spreads and leverage options are in your favor.

Capitalize on Currency Market Movements with Currencies

With 365Investings, you can trade a variety of major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. Join the foreign currency market, which is big, liquid, and moves quickly. On average, over $5 trillion is traded every day, and it is very hard to predict what will happen. Profit from highly competitive trading conditions as you take advantage of a constant supply of currency possibilities around the clock.

Commodities: Expand Your Investment Portfolio

With 365Investings, you can add commodities CFDs to your account and virtually trade on price changes without having to purchase the underlying assets. Choose from a wide range of commodities, including beef and pig bellies for meat, oil, and gas for energy, as well as corn and sugar for agriculture.

Trade shares of prominent international brands.

At, you can trade on the price changes of the world's top companies in all industries. Trade CFDs on shares of internet merchants like Amazon or Alibaba, social media platforms like Twitter or Snapchat, automakers like Renault or Volkswagen, and many more.

To safeguard the client and reduce their risk, has the right to reduce leverage during times of extreme volatility. At, you can trade on the price changes of the world's top companies in all industries. Trade CFDs on shares of internet merchants like Amazon or Alibaba, social media platforms like Twitter or Snapchat, automakers like Renault or Volkswagen, and many more.

Important information: 365Investings keeps the right to limit leverage in times of extreme volatility to protect clients and lower risk.

Changes in market interest rates, as well as those of the liquidity provider used by 365Investings, can have an impact on swaps. 

The following formula is used to calculate swaps:

Point Value X Swap Points X Lot Size

Bonds - Using CFDs and Bonds to Diversify Your Trading

At 365Investings, you can spread out your investments by adding a wide range of government bond CFDs, such as the German 10-year bond and the US 30-year bond, to your portfolio. Bonds are still a popular choice for market investors because they are thought to be a relatively safe way to trade.

Metals: examine the market for precious metals.

With 365Investings, you can trade a variety of precious metals on international markets. Benefit from favorable trading conditions, such as tight spreads and adjustable leverage, without having to pay any commissions on your transactions. Choose from a variety of metal CFDs that trade around the clock on commodities like palladium, platinum, gold, silver, and copper.

Index - Trade a Variety of Global Indices

Apply the feature-rich 365Investings platform to easily enter global equity markets. Trade on the changes in index CFD prices from all around the world, including the Japanese NIKKEI, the UK FTSE, the US NASDAQ, the Russian MICEX, the German DAX, the Hong Kong Hang Seng, and many more.

Among the key benefits of this program are the following ones:

  1. User-friendliness: The 365Investings software's incredible user-friendliness is one of its greatest strengths. You should be able to pick up using this application and begin trading right away, even if you have no prior expertise with internet trading.
  2. Broad range of features: The 365Investings program also has the excellent benefit of providing a broad variety of functions. This tool may be used for much more than just online trading, including managing your portfolio and keeping track of your investments.
  3. Reliability: One of the most crucial aspects of internet trading is reliability. You must have confidence in the software you are utilizing, and 365Investings is unquestionably a product you can rely on. This software has a long history of use and a successful track record.
  4. Affordability: 365Investings software is quite inexpensive, in contrast to some online trading platforms that can be rather pricey. Because of this, it's a fantastic choice for those who want to start trading without spending a fortune.
  5. Technical support:

If you ever have any questions or problems with the 365Investings software, you can be sure that you will be able to get help from the support team. They are always ready and willing to help the operators with any problem you may have.

With 365Investings you can start trading right now, as they offer a free demo account so you can test the platform risk-free. And if you need help along the way, they have a great customer support team that is always on hand to help and guide you.

Overall, 365Investings is a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to begin online trading. Because of the above benefits, this software is a great choice for both new and experienced traders. This software is unquestionably one to consider if you're looking for a reliable and reasonably priced internet trading application.

Security is a top priority at 365Investings. They have put in place the strictest security measures to give their users access to a safe and open trading environment.

Your money is always safe on this platform because it is approved and regulated by the right people. Do not hesitate to get in touch with their customer support team if you have any concerns about the security of this site.

Choosing 365Investings is always the best option!